EP 1 // Re-exposing Myself to My Worth // Rebecca Regnier

“My worth became re-exposed to me.”

This is the beginning. The first ever Worthfull Project podcast episode.

Episode 1.

And I couldn’t think of a better person to begin this journey with than the woman who held me accountable to start it.

Rebecca Regnier is one of my best friends. But she is also an extraordinary life coach, workshop trainer, sales woman, professional, and leader.

We met when we were both coaching a leadership program two years ago and became fast friends.

She has become the best accountability buddy I’ve ever had.

So when I committed to her that I was finally going to launch my own podcast by Thanksgiving weekend 2017, I knew I had to do it.

And here we are.

I wanted to record this conversation as the first episode because Rebecca and I have spent countless hours discussing the topic of what it means to be worthfull.

She has coached me through ups and downs in so many situations.

She has taught me how to show up every day for myself no matter what.

And she is one of my biggest role models in learning to own my worth.

While I may still be figuring out the nuances on the tech side (please forgive the imperfect audio), I hope you’ll find as much value in this conversation as I do every time I talk to my dear friend Rebecca Regnier.

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Show notes:

  • The first grade playground denial that started Rebecca’s erosion of self-worth (6:10)
  • Why we choose to be impostors to ourselves to feel worthy (11:40)
  • The turning point that began Rebecca’s transformation of self-worth (16:42)
  • How she lost 80 pounds over 5 years (17:46)
  • Why physical transformations often come before emotional or spiritual ones (22:12)
  • The power of sharing out loud the thoughts that you keep to yourself (28:30)
  • How to build the evidence that you are full of worth (35:35)
  • What is possible when someone decides they are full of worth (39:20)
  • What fills up Rebecca’s worth cup (41:45)

Our egos respond really well to proof.

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