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  • Why I’m Only Interested In Being Coached by Women (of Color) Right Now

    White girl talking about black people Well, this is mostly what I’ve been thinking about lately, so here we go. A few months ago, in the quiet of the pandemic winter, I started to feel a deep shift bubbling up from inside me. I couldn’t put words on it right then, but I was paying […]

  • What I’m Learning About White Feminism and Worth

    Fair skin, graying hair, and lots to think about I learned some powerful perspectives this week about white feminism, capitalism, privilege, and my responsibility as an entrepreneur. I hadn’t thought in depth about these topics in this way, and it’s stayed with me. Worthfullness is entwined with these issues, so I guess I shouldn’t be […]

  • EP 124 // The Opposition Between Dark and Light // Christine Baird

    “The darkness doesn’t change our worth. It changes our experience of our worth.” I have had some real lows and some real breakthroughs this week in owning my worth. In choosing to believe in miracles, light, joy, and more. For me, the test has come through trying to plan a wedding during a pandemic. But […]

  • EP 122 // Racism and Worth // Christine Baird

    I recorded a podcast this week, June 3rd, 2020, to remind myself what I was learning about worth in the wake of demands for justice after the murder of George Floyd. I don’t expect anyone to listen, since there are much more important voices to listen to right now, but I wanted to record my […]