EP 47 // Tell the Truth // Christine Baird

“Honesty truly is what creates self-worth.”

I had a few ideas of what I was going to record today’s episode on. I have been traveling and wrapping up some chapters of my life in LA.

I wanted to skip today’s episode because I’m tired and ready to vacation. And I’m traveling. And it’s late. And I’ve been doing a lot.

And then as I was texting my dear friend Rebecca, I was reminded of how much this project matters to me. And that it’s important for me to be honest about what matters to me. And it’s important for me to do what matters to me.

So I recorded this quick solo round as a reminder to myself as much as to anyone listening that telling the truth MATTERS. It matters so much — in our relationships, with ourselves, and in all our actions.

The foundation of my self-worth is built on how I keep my word. And it is so worth it to tell the truth.

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