EP 67 // Telling People’s Stories to Reveal Their Worth // Morgan Jones

“We’re all becoming. We just become through different circumstances.”

I’m clearly obsessed with telling people’s stories (including my own). I think deep down, we all are because they are so validating and revelatory to us.

We learn best through stories, as science has proven. We are moved to tears by stories. We feel them in our hearts.

When I sat down with my friend Morgan Jones, a journalist by trade and a current podcast host and producer herself, I knew she’d have some deep wisdom to share about the value of storytelling to reveal our worth.

This conversation did not disappoint, for one because Morgan is such a delight, and two, because it speaks the core of every human. We can’t ignore our worth if we tell our authentic stories. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this after you listen to Morgan’s story.

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Show notes

  • How telling human stories evolves our self-awareness (9:27)
  • If it’s possible for us to understand fully our own worth while we are young (18:35)
  • How other’s stories act as mirrors for our own (23:15)
  • The struggle around choosing intimacy in relationships and how to do it anyway (26:17)
  • What is available to us when we share our stories from a place of worth (28:30)
  • Morgan’s advice about how to do this if you’ve never shared your story (34:06)
  • What would happen if we valued our personal stories like they were Oprah’s life story (37:50)

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