EP 35 // The Parts No One Claps For // Christine Baird

“I’m still learning to love the parts of myself that no one claps for.” – Rudy Francisco

I had the huge blessing to be a mentor in a leadership training this past weekend. It’s something I do once a year and it always fills me up with gratitude.

About 3 years ago, I took the training myself, and it was transformational to say the least. To this day, it’s still a huge part of me learning to own my worth.

Since I was back in that environment this weekend, I was reflecting on how far I’ve come, but also what I still am working on.

I remembered a quote that I discovered back when I was fresh in this new mindset of possibility, responsibility, and self-love. It’s simple and to the point, but every time I read it, it reminds what owning my worth really means.

I recorded a short and sweet episode around this quote to encourage each of us to love the parts of ourselves no one claps for. It’s where a worthfull life begins.

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