EP 25 // My Tools for Dealing with Mistakes // Christine Baird

“I’m still blooming. And so are you. We don’t need to judge ourselves in the process.”

Last week I recorded two episodes in one sitting (thinking they’d be one), so now it’s time to post the second part.

As I was talking about the value of showing the unpolished process of our lives, I thought of all the mistakes I make, both public and private. I used to feel awful when I made any kind of significant mistake. It would really take a hit on my worth for a bit.

But over the years, and especially since doing the work of owning my worth, I’ve learned a new way to handle making mistakes.

Without realizing it, I noticed I have a 7 step process I go through when I’m handling a mistake to keep my sense of worth intact.

It’s been very effective for me and I go to it almost automatically now when I mess up.

I jotted it down to share and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Do you also feel your worth taking a hit when you mess up? What have you noticed makes you reclaim your worth after?

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Show notes:

  • Step #1: Acknowledge that it’s okay to mess up (3:36)
  • Step #2: Acknowledge the things you did right (4:32)
  • Step #3: Notice what you can realistically do better next time (5:27)
  • Step #4: Notice what you won’t realistically do better next time (7:06)
  • Step #5: Make a new commitment to yourself for self-care (10:16)
  • Step #6: Do something nice for yourself (12:01)
  • Step #7: Ground yourself in your core values (12:32)

“Never judge a rose for her petals; she may still be blooming.” – Bridgett Devoue

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