EP 115 // Trusting My Intuition to Be Worthfull // Christine Baird

“My intuition is already, always full of worth.”

I was talking to a friend this week about how challenging it can be to trust your intuition when you feel like it has betrayed you or led you astray. When things haven’t gone well even though you felt like they were going to. When you’ve been deeply hurt by someone you felt connected to.

As I talked on and on about my thoughts about this, I realized I needed to record a podcast to note what I’ve learned. I had a rather intense experience with this in my own life several years ago regarding a romantic relationship that was very painful and it became a great teacher to me of how important it is to trust my intuition no matter what the results are.

As I thought about how intuition and worth are connected, I realized they are innately intertwined. Trusting myself has become one of the pillars of owning my worth. I hope it becomes one of yours as well.

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