EP 8 // What is Self-Worth? // Christine Baird

“It actually does matter what I think of myself.”

I wasn’t planning on posting another solo episode today, but I had a conversation this week that stuck with me and I felt it merited a mention.

I was in an Uber on my way somewhere and was telling my driver about this podcast.

He listened to me describe what it was about and then asked, “What does self-worth mean?”

It suddenly occurred to me that I have been assuming that everyone defines self-worth the same way I do. Turns out that is not true.

So I wanted to take this episode to explain how I came to my current definition of self-worth, why I think it’s worth talking about, and the value of constantly building my self-worth.

I share a few of my favorite quotes that have helped me define this term AND I explain where the term worthfull came from.

I would LOVE to hear your definition of self-worth after you listen. What does it mean to you?

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Show notes:

  • Where the term “worthfull” came from (2:50)
  • My definition of self-worth (5:15)
  • Why what I think of myself matters (6:40)
  • How self-love relates to getting what we want (9:30)
  • Why looking for perfection blinds us to our worth (13:45)
  • What happens when we are willing to fully acknowledge the dark sides of ourselves (18:20)
  • Why our flaws are essential to our wholeness (21:45)

“Self-worth is how I value myself.”

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