EP 141 // Worth As A Source of Light and Joy // Christine Baird

“The things that light me up and bring me joy are always the things that remind me of my worth.”

As a Christian, I love the Christmas season because of what it reminds me in my faith. The hope of a savior and redeemer from all things, the worth of each soul, the mercy of a loving god. I also love this season as a creative because the aesthetic of Christmas is pure joy.

So this year I’m remembering a few key things about my worth at the holidays — that the things that bring me light and joy are also the things that remind me of my worth. And my worth is the generator of light and joy within me. It’s a beautiful circle that I’m so grateful to be focusing on this month. I invite you to join me!

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  1. Lucy R Drake

    Love your podcast about how the things that bring you light and joy are also the things that remind you of your worth.