EP 126 // Worthy of Expression // Christine Baird

“When we don’t own our choices, it’s a direct sign that we’re not owning our worth.”

Sharing a thought from my journal today. I’ve been mostly silent about my wedding because it’s been such a touch and go thing to plan during this pandemic. But as I thought today, 2.5 weeks out from the event, that silence hasn’t been helpful. It’s felt safe. But it’s kept people who love me in the dark as to what’s really going on in my life.

The line I journaled this morning that really got me was, “Expression is powerful, even when silence seems safer.” It occurred to me that this truth applies to ALL kinds of expression, on all topics, and that this as timely right now for anything you are struggling to express as it is for me. We really are worthy to express what we’re experiencing. And that’s what worthfullness looks like.

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