EP 73 // Yes I Do Struggle (Frequently) // Christine Baird

Christine Baird

Christine Baird

“I use all of the tools, all of the time.”

On my weekly accountability buddy call today, my sister friend Lucy mentioned that she is a fan of the podcast but hasn’t heard me talk about how I struggle (and move through struggle) very often on it.

Lucy knows I struggle. She hears me talk each week about my struggles. But I really appreciated her feedback that I maybe hadn’t realized I don’t talk much about that on the podcast.

Well, here you go. I have learned so much from many other podcasters who have shared their stories of struggle and overcoming, it would be indecent of me to keep my stories from anyone listening.

I sat down this afternoon on my bedroom floor and recorded this (longer) solo round as an intro to anyone new to my story about how I struggle to own my worth on the daily, and how I’m learning to manage that struggle in a healthy way.

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