EP 144 // You Will Find Your Way // Worthfull Affirmation

Worth is what will guide you to the destination you will be happiest at.

Welcome to a new season of the show: the Worthfull Affirmations season. Every other week, I’ll release a new episode on the podcast that will be a short affirmation set to music on a topic related to owning our worth.

This week’s affirmation is inspired by the poet and illustrator Danica Gim and her note: “She will find her way again and again and again.”

Let me know what you think! Shall I do more of these?

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2 responses to “EP 144 // You Will Find Your Way // Worthfull Affirmation”

  1. Lucy Drake

    Love this! I love the idea which you share about how we will find our paths again and again and again. It’s not just a one-time thing. 💞

    1. Christine Baird

      Thank you! I agree, it’s very comforting.

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