EP 164 // A Season of Worthfull Work // Christine Baird

“The technology keeps changing, but connection and trust are what still work. Ideas that spread, win. Ideas that stick are worth even more. You can race to be first on a new platform, but it’s far better to be the voice that we would miss if you weren’t there.”

Seth Godin

It’s the beginning of Season 5! I took a good break over the holidays and into the new year and now I’m ready for a new season — which means a new theme and a new format for the episodes. I’m excited to dedicate a whole season of this podcast to the thing that has been top of mind for me for a while: owning my worth in my work and encouraging others to do the same.

As I’m learning how to be a better business owner, service provider, sales person, marketer, and human being who gets paid for her skills, I have so many new thoughts about how to own our worth in our work . . . and how not to. That’s what we’ll be exploring this season! Subscribe on your favorite listening app and let’s begin.

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  1. Lucy R Drake

    Great ideas! Thank you so much!

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