EP 62 // Allowing Myself All the Emotions // Christine Baird

“Grieve. So that you can be free to feel something else.”

I read this quote on Pinterest the other morning, and it struck a chord.

I haven’t been grieving anything in particular lately, but I know the feeling of grief and how healing it is to allow it to run its course. It truly is freeing.

And then I started thinking about how allowing any emotion that comes up to be felt is just as important.

When I allow myself to feel what is alive in me in the present moment, I free myself to evolve and move forward. That is part of owning my worth – owning my feelings and letting them go when it’s time.

I recorded a quick solo episode on these thoughts and hope it serves you as a reminder that your feelings are your friends – and they won’t stick around forever if you let yourself just feel them.

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