EP 52 // Anchoring Your Worth In Your Vision // Marj Desius

“All the messy things that happen in our lives make our message stronger.”

I recently met a gorgeous angel in real life – my new friend Marj who is an incredible singer, vocal coach, actor, mother, wife, speaker, author, etc.

I barely knew Marj when we sat down to record this episode, but I knew she had a wealth of wisdom about worth to share.

As we talked about her extraordinarily challenging life (growing up in Haiti, surviving one of the biggest earthquakes ever, moving to the states and so much more), her light just kept shining brighter.

I loved talking with her about how committing to your vision is essential for creating the life you want – above any circumstances, labels, or challenges.

I also loved talking with her about what to do when you aren’t clear on what you want and why that isn’t a bad thing.

This is yet another gem of a conversation that I’m delighted to be sharing.

Show notes

  • How breakdowns reveal the beauty in our lives (6:45)
  • What extraordinary challenges teach us about our worth (11:50)
  • The power of labels to keep us captive or set us free (14:19)
  • How we can lose our identity in how we talk about our worth (18:30)
  • What being a singer has taught Marj about self-care (25:10)
  • How to create consistency in your life when your circumstances are all over the place (26:32)
  • The value of being anchored to your worth (28:40)
  • How to create a life worth living (29:53)
  • Why we need to let go of perfectionism (34:17)
  • What to do if you are unclear about what you want (36:40)

“Say yes to realize why you’ll say no later.”

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