EP 23 // Being Judged for My Greatness // Christine Baird

“Why not give your greatness to the world and let them judge you for that?” – Trent Shelton

I got to listen to a wonderful (and worthfull) conversation at my work today.

I have the privilege of sitting in on the conversations that are featured on the School of Greatness podcast (the show I produce professionally).

Today the guest was an incredible man named Trent Shelton, who has millions of followers on social media because he makes very inspirational and uplifting content. Go check him out.

During the interview, he said something that hit a chord with me because it’s been coming up a lot in my thoughts and conversations lately.

He pointed out that we are all judged for what we do — so why not do our best and be judged for that?

I decided to record a late night solo episode on my full thoughts around this idea. Giving our best contribution to the world – as imperfect as it is – is at the heart of owning our worth.

It’s so desired, but so often we get scared and hold back.

Maybe this episode will give you some courage to open wide and share it all.

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Show notes:

  • Why what you have to say is valuable (2:01)
  • What happens when we focus on service versus judgment (6:55)
  • The risk of not sharing our contributions (9:30)
  • How transparency and transformation are connected (10:26)

“Wouldn’t I rather be judged for my greatness than for my silence?”

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