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Welcome to the second Special Series on the Worthfull Project podcast! If you listened to any of the Worthfull Home Special Series, you’ll enjoy this one focused on how we own our worth in our work.

I have found certain topics relating to self-worth that are especially interesting to me, so I wanted to record mini episodes on each of these topics where I interview several people on the same topic to get a rich perspective on how to own my worth in these areas.

This series is all about owning our worth in our careers — whatever that may look like for you. As an entrepreneur and business owner, I think about this all the time, so I interviewed three of my dear friends who I think exemplify worthfull work beautifully. I made this series with the intention to binge listen, but enjoy however you want.

Emily Snyder

  • This episode is with my brilliant friend, Emily Snyder, the Chief of Staff at Magnolia, a deep thinker and old soul, who is one of the bravest women I know in her career choices. Talking with Emily is always a gift because we usually laugh and cry in the same conversation.

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Tiffany Peterson

  • This episode is with my sister-friend, life coach, mentor, peer, podcast-buddy, client and joy of a woman, Tiff Peterson. I could go on for days why I love Tiff as a friend, but learning from her as a career mentor has been one of the great gifts of her friendship. Not only does she professionally coach thousands of people, she has created a career that supports a life she loves.

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Rebecca Regnier

  • This episode is with my bestie Rebecca Regnier, who has appeared many times on the podcast, and is back to share her deep wisdom on pivoting from a successful career as an ad sales queen to founding her own self-care advocacy company.

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