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  • EP 138 // Letting My Worth Create My Reality // Josh Rossi

    “Creating isn’t just thinking about it.” I love talking to creatives and artists. They always inspire me to look inside myself for my own creative worth. So when I got to talk to Josh Rossi, world-renowned digital artist of viral photo fame, I was delighted. You’ve probably already seen some of Josh’s work floating around […]

  • EP 137 // Mirroring Back My Results // Christine Baird

    “Seeing our results-based worth mirrored back to us helps us realize how infinite and huge our worth really is.” I have been a busy worker bee the past week designing a new site for my company, a new media kit for my personal brand, a new group coaching program, and a new podcast! I will […]

  • EP 134 // Owning My Unique Perspective in My Work // Tiff Tyler

    “Worth is the freedom to fall as opposed to the freedom to succeed.” Ok, this one is special. Tiff Tyler and I have been co-workers and friends for years, working in the trenches on building influencer podcasts and brands. She is a seasoned videographer, video marketer, producer, and more. But her insight into owning her […]

  • EP 133 // Worthfull Work Recap // Christine Baird

    “The value of their relationships was a huge reflector of how their worth was carrying their careers forward.” If you caught the Worthfull Work Bonus Series on the podcast last week, you know it was a gem. I’m sharing my recap and takeaways in today’s episode to make sure I take note of them for […]

  • Bonus Series // Worthfull Work // Special Guests

    Welcome to the second Special Series on the Worthfull Project podcast! If you listened to any of the Worthfull Home Special Series, you’ll enjoy this one focused on how we own our worth in our work. I have found certain topics relating to self-worth that are especially interesting to me, so I wanted to record […]