EP 137 // Mirroring Back My Results // Christine Baird

EP 137 // Mirroring Back My Results // Christine Baird

“Seeing our results-based worth mirrored back to us helps us realize how infinite and huge our worth really is.”

I have been a busy worker bee the past week designing a new site for my company, a new media kit for my personal brand, a new group coaching program, and a new podcast! I will share all the good updates as they roll out.

During this process, I’ve been looking at my results and really taking in the worth of them. I know we don’t usually talk about results-based worth, but there’s a time and place to take them in and own them.

What I’ve realized is this: looking at our results makes us realize how infinitely deeper our worth runs than just what we can list on paper.

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  1. Thank you so much for this heartfelt podcast! I love your wonderful ideas and your sweet voice as you share such positive, uplifting, worthful thoughts!

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