EP 134 // Owning My Unique Perspective in My Work // Tiff Tyler

“Worth is the freedom to fall as opposed to the freedom to succeed.”

Ok, this one is special. Tiff Tyler and I have been co-workers and friends for years, working in the trenches on building influencer podcasts and brands. She is a seasoned videographer, video marketer, producer, and more. But her insight into owning her worth in her work goes beyond what we have done together.

I knew it was time to record this episode once the Worthfull Work series had come about. I have watched Tiff own her worth, as a minority on multiple levels, in an industry known for being dominated by white men.

This conversation is such a treasure trove of insights, truths, inspiration, and it’s just the beginning. Stay tuned for more from Tiff and I talking about worthfull work!

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Show notes

  • How being a multi-hyphenate in her profession has impacted Tiff’s self-worth (3:45)
  • How to manage perfectionism when failure is frequently required (7:40)
  • What working as a female minority in your industry teaches you about your worth (14:40)
  • The prices we pay when we don’t seek out diverse perspectives (29:17)
  • How to let your identity be an integration into your work (40:50)

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