EP 138 // Letting My Worth Create My Reality // Josh Rossi

“Creating isn’t just thinking about it.”

I love talking to creatives and artists. They always inspire me to look inside myself for my own creative worth. So when I got to talk to Josh Rossi, world-renowned digital artist of viral photo fame, I was delighted.

You’ve probably already seen some of Josh’s work floating around your Facebook feed, or featured in People Magazine, or on Good Morning America. I remember first seeing his work when he created a photo series of his daughter as Wonder Woman, to show her that she is a superhero.

In our conversation, we talk about owning our worth as creatives, but we also talk about what happens when we create the unimaginable and realize how big our potential really is. I love hearing yet another successful creative share how important it is to mirror back other’s worth in everything we create.

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Show notes

  • The backstory on how Josh became the world-renowned digital artist he is today (3:10)
  • The point when Josh started owning his worth as an artist (8:00)
  • What opens up when we realize we can create the unimaginable (16:15)
  • How to get going on a creative project when you’re terrified (21:45)
  • Why mentors and non-traditional education are so valuable (27:30)
  • Why owning our worth makes us want to see others do the same (34:10)

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