EP 91 // Creating a Worthy Human Mindset // Tracy Litt

“I know my worth is not-negotiable.”

I met a new fast friend last week through her publicist. Once I saw her dancing for fun on her Instagram, I knew she was the real deal.

Tracy Litt is a certified mindset coach, best selling author, rapid transformational therapist, and awe-inspiring speaker. She is the founder of The Litt Factor, a personal growth and coaching company, and Worthy Human, an inspirational and empowering merchandise line.

This conversation is not only a documentation of the beginning of our genuine friendship, but a gold mine of solid coaching on self-worth, mindset, and why taking responsibility for every part of your life is the beginning of a worthfull life.

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Show notes

  • Why taking responsibility for everything in your life is key to self-worth (2:15)
  • What has us not show up for our own lives (3:39)
  • The turning point in Tracy’s life where she began to own her worth (7:10)
  • How worth is really about choice (11:12)
  • How to choose a different story than one where you are the victim (13:21)
  • Why we need to give ourselves permission to be happy regardless of our circumstances (20:05)
  • What it means to be gentle with ourselves (32:05)
  • What self-image is and why it matters (34:30)

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