EP 172 // Creative Work Is Worthfull Work // Christine Baird

Our worth has had a chance to be heard during this really disruptive past couple of years and we’re realizing, ‘If I’m not doing creative work, what that means to me and my gifts and talent, then I’m not doing it.’”

I am in the middle of a creative evolution with my work. And probably my life. You probably are too, amirite? I’m thinking a lot about creative work and how that’s connected to worthfull work, and specifically what this new studio I am opening is all about. It’s telling me that it’s going to be something so cool that I don’t even know what that is yet. I’m sharing a few ways I’ve learned that all worthfull work is creative work and why that might help you evolve in your own space.

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2 responses to “EP 172 // Creative Work Is Worthfull Work // Christine Baird”

  1. Lucy R Drake

    Thank you for the beautiful podcast about your many creative ventures, Christine! It was nice to hear a little bit about how your business got started and the direction that it is going now.

  2. Christine Baird

    Thank you Lucy! That is so nice to hear 🙂

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