EP 153 // Die and Come to Life Again // Worthfull Affirmation

As long as you do not know

How to die and come to life again,

You are but a sorry traveler

On this dark earth.

– Johann von Goethe

I heard a short poem by Goethe in a mediation class a few years ago, and I jotted it down in a note on my phone because it struck me so much. Every so often, I’ll see the note and re-read it and it still lands for me in the same way. The idea of death and birth being a natural cycle, that can happen again and again within a lifetime, is so powerful when we remember that our worth is intact through every chapter. It’s the spark that allows a new phoenix of ourselves to emerge after every chapter ends.

I recorded a worthfull affirmation to share the thoughts I’ve collected through the years about this cycle. As we come out of this chapter of a global death and rebirth through a pandemic and societal unraveling, I am especially grateful for this knowledge. Our worth will birth us into every new chapter if we remember its purpose is just that.

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One response to “EP 153 // Die and Come to Life Again // Worthfull Affirmation”

  1. Lucy R Drake

    I love this beautiful podcast! I don’t want to be a sad wanderer on this earth! I want to be aware of the worth I have and the worth of everyone else.

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