EP 185 // Easy Magic // Christine Baird

“I’ve learned a different way to value my work, my contribution, and to communicate that to the people I work with.”

I just spent a week at a couple of lovely client events in California and I’m reflecting on how different my way of working has evolved from my early days of media production and event programming. I have worked a lot of events in the last 8 years, and most of them were completely exhausting. After I left LA, I thought my days of working events were done because I was so burned out from them. But after the pandemic, and after my own work worth and boundaries had evolved, I realized that I could set different parameters for how I could work. That’s what I did, and it has completely changed my experience working events. I wanted to share how I’ve evolved my relationship to this kind of work from being pure exhaustion to what I call “easy magic.”

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