EP 194 // What’s Special About Being Specific // Christine Baird

“What happens when we’re courageous enough and clear enough to be specific about what we’re up to?”

I’m back with a solo episode (a week late) and this one is about something I’ve been mulling on for months/years, but has really hit home for me lately. It has to do with the worth of our words when we are specific — especially when it comes to our work, our values, our decisions, our relationships, and more. Something I’ve noticed that I get much more excited and inspired by someone who is specific about what they are up to in the world than someone who is vaguely broad in how they talk about themselves or their work. I’m trying to get specific when I talk about what I do, believe, care about, etc. It’s a work in progress, but I believe it’s helping me align my words with my worth.

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