EP 130 // How Our Bodies Teach Us Our Worth // Heather Francis

“The more awareness we have, the more choices we have.”

This conversation is a continuation of one my friend Heather and I started the other night about one of my favorite topics — somatic intelligence, or body awareness.

Heather is the perfect person to talk to about this because she is a dancer, a dance teacher, and just as passionate about body awareness as I am.

In this episode, we discuss several pieces of what it means to hold our body as a home for our worth, the maturing process of learning to befriend and listen to our body, and how increasing our awareness of our body increases our choices. I loved all of this and you can expect more episodes on this topic — I think it’s endlessly interesting.

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Show notes

  • What somatic intelligence is and why it matters (4:30)
  • The power of body awareness Heather has learned as a teacher versus a student (7:18)
  • How our choices increase as our awareness increases (14:22)
  • How our bodies teach us about our worth (20:27)
  • What Heather has noticed about teenager’s connections to their bodies and worth (25:08)
  • What it means for our bodies to be homes for our worth (32:55)

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