EP 16 // Moving My Body as Medicine // Jamie Baker

“It felt like a language that I knew I could come back to.”

If you love listening to genuine belly laughs, you’re probably going to love this conversation.

My gorgeous sister friend Jamie Baker mirrors back to me my own joy and love of life. So when we get together, it’s a loving laughter fest.

I was especially excited to record this episode because Jamie is one of my greatest inspirations when it comes to owning my body’s worth.

She is an incredible athlete and fitness queen and has lived her whole life with a close connection to her body.

But since getting a corporate career in her twenties, she pushed that to the side . . . until recently.

This is a conversation about reconnecting to the amazing gift of our bodies. It’s about remembering our innate worth and the evidence that is always with us.

And it’s about trusting the process of how our lives unfold — and knowing that it is divinely guided.

Being in Jamie’s presence is a gift. It’s impossible for me not to feel worthy in her presence. I think you’ll feel the same listening to this conversation.

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Show notes:

  • How our success in one area of life can define our value in other areas (6:35)
  • Why we sometimes self-sabotage when things are going well (10:10)
  • How the end of Jamie’s athletic career was a mirror for her to see her value (10:55)
  • What it feels like in our bodies when it’s time for a change (16:25)
  • Why we sometimes tone down our best talents to fit into another mold (20:15)
  • How connection to our bodies gets us through hard times (22:40)
  • The connection between our breath and the truth (24:05)
  • The story of how I became reconnected to my body (25:05)
  • The experience of pregnancy and childbirth to show us the worth of our bodies (34:45)
  • Where to start reconnecting to your body (38:05)

“There’s worth in each of us, and we’re all here to guide each other.”

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