EP 89 // Owning My Worth As an Actress // Kristen Metzger

“What you can control is the way that you see the opportunities you are given.”

I have been looking forward to recording a podcast episode with my sister-friend Kristen for over a year. Because she lives such a world citizen, nomadic lifestyle, it finally happened after several attempts, and I’m so happy to share this conversation with you.

Kristen is many things, but acting is her biggest passion between all of her professions. She has such a huge heart, vision, and empathy for telling the stories of humans. But in this conversation, I asked her questions about how she has learned to own her worth as an actress, in one of the most competitive industries, where she is constantly being told no, we don’t want you.

Kristen has incredible insight and depth into what she is learning about where our worth comes from and how we can always be shaping our experiences to build our worth, no matter what our results are.

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Show notes

  • How to maintain self-worth in a highly personal, competitive environment (4:15)
  • How honoring our boundaries increases our self-worth (9:12)
  • How empathy lets you see others’ and your own worth (13:05)
  • How honoring our boundaries frees up our time to do what we value most (15:47)
  • Why self-worth can’t be based on results (21:26)

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