EP 6 // Playing the Stage in Front of One // Travis Ross

“Your ways of being have to change to create something new.”

The day I met Travis Ross, I think I  knew my life would shift.

He’s the kind of man that ignites a fire in the people he meets.

He has faced the lowest of lows (including attempted suicide) and also chosen to live with a mission to inspire and elevate others.

He is a internationally renowned tattoo artist, a musician, a speaker, coach, and so much more.

When I thought about the kinds of conversations I’d like to share via the Worthfull Project, I thought of what Travis and I talk about. He has become a dear friend and I’m so grateful to learn from him as we walk our individual paths of owning our worth.

It is so exciting and beautiful to bring you this conversation today (don’t worry, we’ll record more in the future together).

Whether you’re at the top of your game but feeling the loneliness of doing life alone or at your rock bottom, I hope this conversation will bring you light, inspiration, and a reminder that you can choose to live fully once again.

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Show notes:

  • How Travis reconciled the reality of his life with what he felt called to do (12:01)
  • What happens when we decide we are innately full of worth (or not) (13:30)
  • How the process of creating something fills our self-worth (15:10)
  • The role of gratitude in bringing us opportunity (22:27)
  • How to begin to own your worth to create abundance in your life (23:40)
  • What “ways of being” means and why it’s so powerful (25:47)
  • What the beginning of a shift in abundance looks like (29:20)
  • How to put one foot in front of the other when you’re at rock bottom (31:25)
  • What is possible if the human race starts to believe they are full of worth (34:50)
  • The best cure when you’re feeling down on your life (36:30)
  • Why community building is so important right now (38:10)
  • Travis’ vision for giving back in a massive way through TRYBE (39:15)
  • Travis’ daily self-worth practices while on the road (46:41)

“The enlightenment never gets dropped onto you. You have to go to it.”

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2 responses to “EP 6 // Playing the Stage in Front of One // Travis Ross”

  1. Shaunell Brown

    Amazing, thank you for the strength it took to share your weakness. All to help others find hope!!!!

    1. Christine Baird

      Yes, and amen! Travis is 100.

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