EP 45 // Rediscovering My Worth While Getting Divorced // Danielle Paxton

“In time of crisis, you have to be vulnerable. And you have to help people understand that it’s okay for them to be vulnerable too.”

I got a text from my friend Danielle recently that said, “I’d be happy to share how I’m learning to own my worth while going through a divorce.”

Wow, yes. What a gift this conversation was. Danielle and I met a couple of years ago when she moved to LA, but rarely saw each other. When she separated from her husband, we connected again and I was immediately impressed with her candor and courage in the middle of an extraordinarily hard situation.

When we sat down to record this episode, we spent a long time talking about all the things we’ve learned from broken relationships. It was poignant and profound and this conversation is no different.

I value these conversations so much, and in this one, I remembered so much of what it means to be human, to choose love, and to own our worth when we are grieving the loss of the things we care most about. I hope you do too as you listen.

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Show notes:

  • How to manage your thoughts and emotions when you are going through a breakup (5:46)
  • How our feelings are a reflection of our worth (10:37)
  • What to do when you are emotionally exhausted (11:35)
  • How seeing worth in others reveals our worth to ourselves (14:01)
  • The power of vulnerability in our co-worker relationships (17:57)
  • Danielle’s list of tips for navigating divorce (14:15)
  • The value of doing things out of your comfort zone when your life is in transition (35:07)
  • Why staying in a toxic relationship is doing no favors to anyone (50:01)

“Everything that you are feeling is valid. And no one should be able to take that away from you.”

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