EP 3 // Robbing No One of My True Self // Jenna Anton

“I had self-worth and I don’t know where it came from.”

Wow. The woman I got to have this conversation with is one of my biggest role models in owning my worth.

To be in Jenna Anton’s presence is to feel loved, whole, and seen.

She lives in grace, beauty, worth, peace, and joy.

She is also a top-level, amazing makeup artist who works on the most beautiful models and shoots in the world.

But life started out for her so differently.

Jenna grew up in an actual cult, with little to no father figure and a drug-addicted, emotionally absent mother. She turned herself into social services as a young teenager, lived in the foster system, and was out on her own by 17 years old, working to survive.

It wasn’t until years later, however, that she came to a dramatic crossroads and made the decision to create a better life for herself.

Through decades of working in the beauty industry, developing her talent as an artist, and developing her self-worth to create the life she now enjoys, Jenna has built a wealth of wisdom on this topic.

I knew this conversation would be extraordinary, and it is.

I hope that as you listen, you feel the worth that is possible in your own life despite anything you may have experienced or faced.

If there is anyone who can show you that living a worthfull life is possible, it’s my friend and mentor Jenna Anton.

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“When you don’t know your worth, it is a long life of mostly suffering.”

“Self-worth will take you to the ends of the earth, whereas anything else that you are relying on will fall by the wayside.”

“For others to value me, I have to show them my value.”

Show notes:

  • What life was like growing up in a 1970’s Northern California cult (6:46)
  • What we do when we are in survival mode (11:01)
  • The signals our bodies send us when we are overworking ourselves (13:05)
  • What drug use does to us (14:25)
  • The rock bottom moment that was the turning point for Jenna’s life (15:05)
  • What addiction does to our self-worth (18:01)
  • Why discomfort is one of the best motivators (22:25)
  • What the greatest high actually is (24:02)
  • How we learn about worth by witnessing what it’s not (25:15)
  • The relationship between physical beauty and self-worth (28:13)
  • The value of self-worth from a model’s perspective (29:20)
  • How to own your worth in a super competitive, subjective industry (33:29)
  • Why self-care is so powerful to fill your cup of worth (39:52)
  • What to do if you don’t think you have time for self-care (42:00)

“I know how to celebrate life because I know what it looks like on the other side.”

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3 responses to “EP 3 // Robbing No One of My True Self // Jenna Anton”

  1. Sean W

    Thanks for sharing your story Jenna!! It makes my heart happy to know you have peace in your heart and life!

    Your childhood friend,


  2. Mary

    Thank you! Very inspiring. I was looking for more info on Jenna after watching a make up tutorial for detox market on Instagram. She just exuded so much radiance and positive energy beyond her artistry. Truly lovely!

    1. Christine Baird

      Love this! Follow Jenna on Instagram – she gives great tips on her stories and posts.

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