EP 22 // Seeing My Trials As My Gifts // Elizabeth Montgomery

“Our trials are our gifts, and we are what we make of them.”

I got a delightful text from my dear friend Liz the other night.

She and I have been walking our worthfull journeys on parallel paths, and she suggested we record a podcast episode together.

I loved the idea.

Not because I thought Liz has it all figured out. Or because she’s a gorgeous model and actress and coach. But because she’s 100% committed to this process. And so am I.

We got to talk about some of the extraordinary hardships she has faced in life. We talked about how she has shifted her perspective on them. And we talked about why it’s so important to speak kindly to ourselves.

This conversation was extra special because I’ve been gifted with a front row seat to a lot of Liz’s evolution into worthfull woman. And there’s almost nothing more beautiful than witnessing that transformation.

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Show notes:

  • Why the words we use to talk about ourselves matter (6:30)
  • How taking risks can empower those around you (9:29)
  • What causes us to get stuck even when we’re in the right circumstances (10:58)
  • How perspective can shift our experience of the biggest challenges (19:19)
  • The shift from knowing to owning your gifts (22:35)
  • How Liz has learned to love herself recently (26:38)
  • How we can learn to love the parts of ourselves that don’t fit the mold (28:58)

“The words you say are how you think about yourself.”

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