EP 63 // Seeing People’s Worth Through the Camera // Samuel Miller

“Photography is the art of seeing.”

Last year, my friend Sam asked me if he could shoot some headshots of me to practice for his new photography business.

I said yes having no idea what would come of it. Some beautiful, worthfull images came out of that shoot (linked below) and since then I’ve seen Sam flourish as a photographer.

One of the most beautiful things to witness is how he is owning his worth in this process, while at the same time showing others’ worth through his work.

Sam reached out recently and suggested recording a podcast about this whole process and I was delighted to sit down to talk about it.

Many people don’t feel their worth when they see photographs of themselves, but I think after this conversation, you’ll think differently.

Show notes

  • What Sam has learned about worth from photographing portraits of people (3:20)
  • How his view of himself has changed over the years (13:40)
  • Why letting others see our messy side is beautiful and important (15:44)
  • What capturing the drama of other people’s stories is teaching Sam about his own (19:42)
  • How we find the evidence for the idea we already believe is true (26:31)
  • What would be possible if we saw ourselves as we truly are (27:57)
  • Why it can be scary to be seen (32:38)
  • The process of becoming of fan of who we really are (33:25)

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