EP 60 // Shedding the Armor // Christine Baird

“I’ve learned new ways to be protected and stay soft.”

I just got to LA for a work trip and have been noticing my emotions and thoughts on returning to the city that so much of my worthfull journey has happened in.

The most palpable feeling I recognized on my first night here was the weight of the armor that I wore when I lived here — armor I thought I needed to protect my self-worth as I rediscovered it.

It was a powerful moment of perspective as I realized how heavy that armor was and how much energy it took for me to wear it for 4 years in this city.

I recorded a short solo episode on this topic because I want anyone who feels like they are wearing emotional armor to know that it doesn’t always have to be that way.

It’s possible to be soft, tender, worthfull, happy, and at peace AND to be strong, safe, protected, and armor-less. I hope this message serves you as much as it has me.

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