EP 69 // Taking Breaks Is Worth It // Christine Baird

“I’m not slowing down. I’m taking care of myself. When you’re working hard and you get tired, that’s not a defect, it’s a sign to refuel.” – Jay Shetty

I have been making a lot more rejuvenation space in my days lately. I’ve been taking more breaks. I’ve been giving myself more time to rest. And I love it.

I still have a voice in my head that pops up to tell me that I’m lazy or irresponsible or dumb when I do that, but I’m learning to let it go in one ear and out the other.

I’m learning, as I own my worth, that we’re built to require rest — and we perform at our best when we take frequent breaks. I think that overworking and glorifying that habit is a big sickness in our society and we’re all trying to right the ship together.

Here are my short and sweet words of encouragement to you as you are considering how many breaks to take in a day (add a few more in).

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