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  • EP 163 // What I Learned from a Year of Affirmations // Christine Baird

    “Let’s remember that our worth has been with us throughout this entire season and probably supported us in ways we didn’t fully realize.” It’s the end of Season 4! Wow, what a year this was and what a gift committing to making these affirmation episodes has been to me. There were many weeks this year […]

  • EP 162 // Grace for Your Pace // Worthfull Affirmation

    “Maybe you’ve been going at your very highest pace for a very long time.” The phrase “grace for your pace” descended into my mind a few weeks ago, and I saved it for a worthfull affirmation episode. It seems that the times we live in are a constant pull on our pace. There’s always a […]

  • EP 161 // Being Your Own Steward // Worthfull Affirmation

    “How well are you stewarding yourself?” I get to edit my friend Tiffany Peterson‘s podcast, which is a delight. Recently on her show, she posed the question, “How well are you stewarding yourself?” It struck me immediately because I’d never thought about self-care in that way before. Then I started to think about how this […]

  • Bonus Series // Worthfull Health // Special Guests

    Welcome to the fourth Special Series on the Worthfull Project podcast! If you listened to any of the Worthfull Home or Worthfull Work or Worthfull Motherhood Special Series, you’ll enjoy this one focused on how we own our worth in our health — yes, we’re talking mind, body, and spirit! I have found certain topics […]

  • EP 111 // 3 Layers Deep of Worthfull Care // Christine Baird

    “If there’s one thing I know, we all have something to contribute.” Well here we are, all trying to figure out how to be. Me included. Earthquake wake-up calls, quarantining, economic ???, and more. I’ve felt the call to slow down. To contribute. To connect. To isolate. And above all to be compassionate and worthfull […]