EP 162 // Grace for Your Pace // Worthfull Affirmation

Maybe you’ve been going at your very highest pace for a very long time.”

The phrase “grace for your pace” descended into my mind a few weeks ago, and I saved it for a worthfull affirmation episode. It seems that the times we live in are a constant pull on our pace. There’s always a request for us to go faster or to give more, but that isn’t always what’s actually needed. Our pace is often just fine, or a little too fast already, and giving ourselves grace for that makes all the difference.

This worthfull affirmation is a reminder to check in on the grace you are giving yourself. For your pace, for other’s pace, and for the greater community’s pace. Could you give a little more grace for that pace? Give it a try.

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One response to “EP 162 // Grace for Your Pace // Worthfull Affirmation”

  1. Lucy R Drake

    Grace for your pace and anyone else’s pace is a beautiful idea! Thank you, Christine!

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