EP 163 // What I Learned from a Year of Affirmations // Christine Baird

Let’s remember that our worth has been with us throughout this entire season and probably supported us in ways we didn’t fully realize.”

It’s the end of Season 4! Wow, what a year this was and what a gift committing to making these affirmation episodes has been to me. There were many weeks this year that I didn’t think I had it in me to record another affirmation from my worth, but I did it anyway and I’m grateful.

I’m recapping what I learned this year from this creative project and what I have in store for Season 5. I hope you experience a beautiful end to your year and a deep reconnection to your worth.

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2 responses to “EP 163 // What I Learned from a Year of Affirmations // Christine Baird”

  1. Cindy

    I am so grateful for your Podcast and how it has made be a better teacher for the hundreds of students I work with every year. What ripple of Worthfullness you are creating

  2. Lucy R Drake

    Thank you for your beautiful podcast! You have been a wonderful example of modestly celebrating your worth. That is so important.

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