EP 165 // The Passion v. Skills Myth // Christine Baird

“I think we’re ending a 10 year cycle of a certain kind of messaging and marketing about this idea that you can monetize your passion if you just use the right tools and buy the right program and hire the right coach.”

I’m unpacking the super popular idea that if you learn how to monetize your passion, your worth will be fully owned in your work and the money you’ve dreamed of making will be yours. I do in fact know people who have done this. But I also know many others who do great work in a field that isn’t their true passion and they are also fully owning their worth in their work. Since this is such a sell-able idea, and can be a source of comparisonitis for many, I wanted to suggest some ways I’ve been navigating these ideas.

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  1. Lucy R Drake

    Thanks so much for your beautiful message and helpful ideas!

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