EP 30 // The Value of Free Time // Christine Baird

“Boredom makes people keen to engage in activities that they find more meaningful than those at hand.” – Manoush Zomorodi

I gave myself the permission today (on this Independence Day holiday) to not get anything done if I didn’t want to.

Since I’ve been vacationing a lot lately, I didn’t feel the need for a holiday. But something told me to slow down and take one anyway.

As a result, I ended up mindlessly watching some IGTV that in turn gave me huge inspiration on a variety of topics that I’m now excited to work on for the rest of the day.

This in turn inspired me to record a solo round on the podcast about the worth of free time, boredom, and slowing down to create space.

As it turns out, this has been the theme of my life for the past couple of months, and I feel some really good things coming from it.

If you’ve been feeling the need for some space in your life but are anxious about whether you can afford to create it, here’s a reminder that you can.

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Show notes:

  • The value of letting ourselves have free time (1:15)
  • How boredom supports creativity (3:10)
  • What’s possible when we slow down and create space in our lives (6:30)

“I don’t have to be the one to create everything good in my life. If I create space for it, it will find me.”

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