EP 4 // What is the Worthfull Project? // Christine Baird

“Pain is the greatest motivator.”

Here it is, the official introduction episode of the Worthfull Project.

By popular demand (and branding common sense), I’m popping in here with a solo episode to introduce the podcast.

Yes, I know it’s Episode 4 and not Episode 1, but that was on purpose.

In this episode, I introduce what this podcast is, how it came about, and who I am.

I go into the story of how I lost and found my worth, what influences have supported me in this process, and why I’m obsessed with podcasts.

Consider this my formal introduction to you 🙂

Now I want to hear from you! Who are you? What is your story? Why are you interested in living a worthfull life?

Any and all feedback appreciated in any way you want to send it (but the easiest way right now is to comment below on this page).

Welcome to the Worthfull Project, I am your host, Christine Baird.

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Show notes:

  • Who I am (0:30)
  • How I got into podcasting (4:57)
  • Why I started the Worthfull Project (6:15)
  • Why I chose now to launch this podcast (7:59)
  • My story of losing and finding my worth (9:30)
  • Why listening to other people’s stories is so valuable (16:10)
  • My top recommendations of resources to begin your journey of worthfull living (17:25)
  • My vision for the Worthfull Project (24:15)
  • What you can count on from me (26:45)

“Be wide open to hear the stories of others and notice what resonates with you.”

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  1. Christopher Drake

    Christine, you are amazing!!! I have someone to link you up with for your show!!!

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