EP 156 // When It Hasn’t Happened Yet // Worthfull Affirmation

“Maybe when it hasn’t happened yet, it’s because the very best version of it hasn’t quite been birthed.”

I’ve been working on something for a long time that hasn’t happened yet. It’s felt like a marathon that’s lasted months, maybe years. It’s a really good thing that I know will be good for everyone involved. It’s the thing I really care about right now. And it hasn’t happened yet. I’m starting to see the wisdom in this wait; it’s a time for my worth to really come to the surface and reveal herself to me.

This worthfull affirmation is a reminder that when it hasn’t happened yet, it’s not because your worth is on the line. In fact, it may very well be because your worth needed to remind you that nothing you are waiting on will add to your worth.

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