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Welcome to the third Special Series on the Worthfull Project podcast! If you listened to any of the Worthfull Home or Worthfull Work Special Series, you’ll enjoy this one focused on how we own our worth in the experience of motherhood.

I have found certain topics relating to self-worth that are especially interesting to me, so I wanted to record mini episodes on each of these topics where I interview several people on the same topic to get a rich perspective on how to own my worth in these areas.

This series is all about owning our worth in being mothers — whatever that may look like for you. As a current mother of children at home, children who are grown and gone, or actively serving children from many families as a bonus mom, I think there is something really deep and profound about self-worth and motherhood. I interviewed four friends who I think exemplify worthfull motherhood beautifully and I think the holidays are a beautiful time to reflect on the worth of mothers. I made this series with the intention to binge listen, but enjoy however you want.

Alexandra Steele

  • This episode is with my artistic friend, Alex Steele, a photographer, mother of 3, wife, incredible homemaker, and one of my favorite style curators (as discussed on her episode of the Worthfull Home series). Talking with Alex about motherhood is such a joy because she loves being a mom so much.

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Christina Baltazar

  • This episode is with my sister friend Christina Baltazar, a realtor, home stylist, wife, mom of 2, and woman of God. You heard her on the Worthfull Home series talking about how she thinks of coming home to herself, and when she shared her thoughts on becoming a mother, I learned so much from her.

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Rebecca Woolston

  • This episode is with my designer and crafter friend Rebecca Woolston. You heard her on the Worthfull Home series talking about how she has consciously created a home for her family, but I equally love what she had to say about being a mother and what it’s taught her about her worth.

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Lucero Rodriguez

  • This episode is with my beautiful healer friend Lucy Rodriguez, a reiki master, mother, and deeply intuitive woman who has taught me so much about honoring myself. I loved hearing her insight into being a new mother and how she is healing through this process.

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