EP 54 // Finding My Worth Through Imperfection // Katie Lee

“I add value by just being me.”

I met a new friend at an open mic night (that she was performing at), and she started listening to the Worthfull Project when she found out about my podcast.

I’m always so flattered and grateful anytime anyone listens to the show, but when she told me she had some thoughts to share that would make a great episode, I was even more delighted.

When Katie and I sat down to record this episode, she started telling me about her experiences of growing up with an anxiety disorder, how she loved herself regardless, and what it taught her about self-worth.

I was mesmerized and knew this was what the episode needed to be about. Every one of us has struggles and imperfections in this life. It’s so easy to believe that they make us less than or less lovable.

This conversation is all about the opposite — and how we can find our worth through our quirks.

Show notes

  • The power of sharing our struggles with our trusted circle and letting them support us (6:55)
  • What spiritual support can look like while overcoming a challenge (10:42)
  • The role of grace in healing and overcoming obstacles and hurt (12:29)
  • How Katie celebrated her self-worth while dealing with a challenging disorder as a teenager (14:26)
  • The power of accepting what you see (21:52)
  • What working with special needs kids has taught Katie about worth (23:06)
  • The simple ways our worth is built over time (28:30)
  • Ways to practice worthfull living while being single (33:15)

“I’m still learning to love the parts of myself that no one claps for.” – Rudy Francisco

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