EP 53 // Giving Myself Permission to Heal // Christine Baird

“I felt myself come back home to myself. And I didn’t even know I was away.”

I’ve been so excited to share a solo episode on Season 2 of the podcast because I have SO MUCH to share.

Over the holidays, I moved from LA to Salt Lake City, shifted my entire work flow and clientele, took a six week break from work, reconnected with old friends, made lots of new ones, spent time with my family, let myself enjoy the holidays and . . . healed.

That’s the word that keeps coming up for me when I think about what the last couple of months have felt like — a deep healing on a physical, emotional, and mental level.

I have never felt more calm, joy, peace, health, or energy and it’s because I’ve come home to myself.

I’ve let go of trauma and energy and lifestyles that don’t serve me. I’ve received support and love and abundance from all sides.

I’ve remembered how it feels to be myself. It’s the best feeling and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you — because I know it’s possible for you too.

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