EP 13 // Healing With Myself // Theo Yang

“Love yourself girl, or nobody will.” – J. Cole

One of the parts of living a worthfull life that I respect the most is leaving the beaten career path to do the work you’re best built to do.

I’ve experienced (and am still experiencing) that in my life and it’s been one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of my journey.

So I’m always interested in connecting with other people who found either the compulsion or the courage to do the same.

Past podcast guests Sara Wong and Rebecca Regnier both said their friend Theo Yang was a woman I needed to talk to. They were right.

Theo had a super successful career in ad sales for years, made great money, and was pursuing her passion of music with her then boyfriend on the side. But despite the success on paper, the worth was missing for her.

After experiencing depression at a serious level, she made the choice to leave the stability of her career and go after what she had known she wanted to do since she was a little girl — be an artist.

But this is just the beginning of Theo’s story. I loved hearing her talk about the ups and downs of this choice, the value of the time she spent alone healing from long held wounds, and her honesty in describing what it takes to commit to this kind of worthfull life before the results show up.

Theo is the real deal, doing the real thing, and I can’t wait to see what she makes from this.

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Show notes:

  • How our parents’ story affects our story (6:02)
  • Why following our big dreams can be viewed as selfish (9:32)
  • How to tell if your dream is worth sacrificing stability for (11:45)
  • Where to find self-confidence when you are different from everyone else (17:15)
  • How to navigate leaving the beaten path to follow your own (18:16)
  • How depression can effect self-worth (20:01)
  • What it looks like to be insecurely secure (21:30)
  • Why it’s important to take the time to heal when you need to heal (22:25)
  • What we can learn when we take time to listen to ourselves (24:02)
  • What it looks like to start taking action while still reckoning with yourself (28:32)
  • The value of self-reflection over an extended period of time (29:30)
  • How to justify “being less productive” while working on yourself (32:40)
  • The value of learning how to say no (36:50)

“Anything that’s really worth it has got to be a little difficult.”

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