I’m a Slow Roads Kind of Person

Some realizations take their time to come to me

One of my favorite Instagram accounts to pop up in my feed is called @slow_roads and the description in the bio is simply “made by time.” Every post is a gorgeous, understated photo of a place or situation that has been made beautiful by a bygone decade and by time polishing its best features. Every post is stunning and makes me stop, drink deep, and breath out softly. It’s what I want my life to feel like.

I’ve also noticed lately that I’m drawn to writers who have been writing for a long time. I read their emails or articles, which sometimes take me several minutes, and I feel nourished and elevated afterwards. I’m drawn to photographers and designers and artists who have been honing their craft and practicing with their medium for decades. It shows. I’m drawn to well-made, small batch, bespoke, boutique, simple, beautiful, timeless kinds of products. I’m drawn to leaders and speakers and people of influence who say less, but who are really saying much more.

Connecting the dots, I’ve realized that I’m a slow roads kind of person. I like to take my time with things that matter. Work, career, relationships, home-making, cooking, designing, creating. I like to research and learn and understand the bigger picture and the long-term effects and the different perspectives. I like to discover quality and true value. I like to be a resource and a curator of the best I have found rather than the most recent.

This is a pretty simple realization, but I’m stating it here publicly (for myself) so that I keep grounded in what kind of person I am, no matter how much pressure comes my way to do things fast. There’s something more important going on in our world than the daily blur will reveal. And I think we only will discover it when we take the slow roads.





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