EP 102 // Joy and Pleasure: Essentials, Not Extras // Christine Baird

“For no other reason than that I feel it, I feel the need for extra joy and pleasure right now.”

I’ve been really good at journaling in the morning so far this year. What came up for me this morning was that I’m experiencing a dip in my daily pleasure and joy. And that gets to be fixed!

I’ve been so good at being productive, focused, and getting stuff done at the start of this new year, that I’ve let my priority of experiencing joy and pleasure daily slip down to tenth place.

This solo episode is my recommitment to putting daily joy and pleasure at the top of the priority list and seven ways I’ve learned to do this. As my intention to come home to myself leads the way, I’m going to practice what I preach and create a joyful, pleasurable space inside myself every day.

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