EP 83 // Joy First // Christine Baird

Human beings were created to experience joy.”

I had a beautiful experience this weekend in which I let myself be so “still” and rejuvenate so fully that I was actually energized and looking forward to a new work week by Sunday night. Novel.

I realized that this was only possible because I’ve been practicing putting the things that bring me joy (and consequently fill me up with energy) first in my day to day priorities . . . and seeing everything else (work, to do lists, etc) fall into place around that. It has been revolutionary to say the least.

I wanted to record a solo episode about what I’m learning about putting joy first, while I’m learning it, so that we can all run this big experiment together if you’re interested. I believe we are here on planet Earth to experience joy, and the rest of life can fit in around that. Owning my worth is where this starts.

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